is a simple idea. A list of the best UK survey opportunities for free. No signup, no fees, no reviews, no comments, just a list of free survey panels that are proven to pay. We know they pay because we are a member of every panel on our list and have been paid by them a number of times. Survey taking is a great way to earn a bit of extra pocket money, perfect for Students, House Wives/Husbands or anyone that needs a little bit of extra income (which lets face it is just about everyone at the moment) If you want reviews, advice and even more survey sites then visit our sister site

UK Paid Survey Panels

Rewarded Opinions

Description Great UK Survey Panel. They send lots of surveys and it usually doesn't take long to reach the £20 minimum payout.
Payment Methods PayPal cheque
Minimum Payment £20 - 100 points = £1, 2000 to redeem



Description Great Panel with a low payout. Earn points which can be redeemed for a wide of choice of vouchers.
Payment Methods  Gift Vouchers
Minimum Payment £10


Life Points

Description One of the best around at the moment. Earn points which can be redeemed for loads of payment options and very low minimum payout
Payment Methods Nectar Points  Gift Vouchers  PayPal
Minimum Payment £3 (PayPal - 345 points)



Description Very good surveys. High payout but you earn a lot from each survey
Payment Methods cheque
Minimum Payment £50


Opinion Bar

Description Nice low £10 payout with this panel
Payment Methods Bank Transfer
Minimum Payment £10


Pure Profile

Description Excellent professional survey panel
Payment Methods Bank Transfer
Minimum Payment £25


Toluna UK

Description Very good survey panel. Loads of surveys and chances of product testing.
Payment Methods Gift Vouchers  Amazon, HMV, love2shop and more
Minimum Payment £15 (80000 points)


Valued Opinions

Description Superb Survey Panel with a low payout and loads of voucher options
Payment Method Gift Vouchers  Amazon, Tesco, Topshop, Boots, M&S and more.
Minimum Payment £10



Description Great survey site. Quite high payout but well worth joining
Payment Method cheque
Minimum Payment £50


Prolific Academic

Description Get paid to take surveys for use in academic research.
Payment Methods PayPal
Minimum Payment £5

Just follow these steps to take surveys and earn extra cash

Select a Survey Panel from the list
Enter your details and wait for confirmation
Complete surveys and start Earning Cash!!

Why Take Surveys?

  • Earn cash and vouchers for giving your opinion
  • All survey panels are free to join
  • Receive samples to try at home
  • Get to watch movie trailers and hear about new products first

Surveys are Ideal for anyone who wants to earn a little extra cash especially

  • Students
  • Homemakers
  • or anyone that needs to top up their income